From the Clients:

"Holly changed my life!"
I have always carried my stress in my neck, but when a number of huge stressors occurred in my life I developed an occipital migraine that lasted every day for 3 months. It was absolutely debilitating. I went from my primary physician to a migraine center. They tried 5 different medications and a nerve block and nothing worked. They began discussing the possibility of surgery. At that point I decided to see Holly. She was incredible! I will never forget that first day when I was headache free. Holly is so talented!  She knew exactly where my migraines were originating. She healed me physically, but her caring attitude also helped to heal me emotionally. This is not just a job for Holly, but a passion for helping people.

A grateful client and friend!
Amy Kline


"Skilled, Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Awesome!
Those are just a few adjectives that describe Holly.

For the past 20 years, I have been suffering with severe, debilitating, chronic pain from fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome with painful trigger points all over my body. I have seen MANY different doctors and therapists over the years (without any success) who didn't understand these conditions (more like didn't believe me) and didn't have an ounce of compassion towards me. Then, through Divine Intervention, I met Holly!

She completely understands how devastating these pain conditions can be and worked with me until my muscles started to relax and let go. it took quite awhile (about a year), but she never became impatient with me (as so many doctors did) when my muscles took much longer than most people's to heal.

Holly is extremely responsive to your needs. If the pressure is too much, she immediately lightens up, if you are hot or cold, she will change the room temperature. If you want to relax without talking, she respects that, and she is a good conversationalist if you like to chat. :-)

Holly really has a special gift of being able to feel the muscles and know EXACTLY where your trouble spots are. I would HIGHLY recommend Holly to anyone who needs a therapist for pain conditions! Sometimes the best medicine of all is a good dose of HOPE, and Holly has lots of good "medicine."

Thanks Holly!

Katherine West - Twinsburg, Ohio


"When she named it Holly's Healing Hands, she was dead-on! I wish I can take her hands home with me.

Holly is very flexible with her accomodations and scheduling. She takes the time to research the needs of each particular client and your massage is tailored to you and your specific needs - nothing cookie-cutter or repetitive. This is not your typical massage. She has greatly reduced my migraines and at times, completely eliminated them. She uses nothing scented that would bring on my migranes. I am so happy I was referred to her."

Brandi Mahne - Aurora, Ohio


"Holly is the best and I am so happy I was able to find her back in August 2012. I was hooked. I carry stress in my shoulders and neck area and have issues with my back and hips. I know when I get tension headaches she is able to pinpoint the spot behind my ears and neck and work that area to prevent the headaches from coming back. I know when I need a Chiropractor and when I need a Massage Therapist. Holly is a wonderful professional therapeutic Massage Therapist. She knows exactly where the knots are and because of her massage and stretches my back and hips to adjust on their own, which I prefer. The knots on my neck have become smaller or disappeared. I have worked in a Chiropractic office and with many different Massage Therapists in Northeast Ohio. I would highly recommend Holly!!!'

Tara Scott - Streetsboro, Ohio


“I suffer from extreme circulation problems in my legs. After having a massage with Holly, the swelling in my legs went down as well as the color of the skin changed to a healthy color. One hour of massage did more for the circulation in my legs than the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic could in the last five years. Im a believer. Thanks Holly.”

Jim Hilt - Ravenna, Ohio


Holly's Healing Hands Massage is the truth in advertising!! Thank you Holly for an awesome massage. Thank you Mary Ann for the referral! Loved it so much, I scheduled my next apt!!

Judy Lanham Fetterolf - Kent, Ohio


Excellent massage therapist. Very informative. I felt wonderful after my massage. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Michele Farris - Newton Falls, Ohio


I have a very physically demanding job and my muscles ache nearly all the time. I got Holly's name through a friend and decided to try a massage. It was so amazing that I've had 2 more since! Holly knows exactly how to work out those knots I get from work. Thanks so much, Holly. You're the BEST!

Melissa Neill Neissner - Ravenna, Ohio


“I had knee replacements 6 years ago and have been in muscular knee pain ever since.

My daughter and son found Holly's name in the phone book. After they spoke with her, off they sent me!

In 7 weeks time, Holly has manipulated and massaged my legs and knees. It hasn't been easy, but I can walk a lot better, I can stand up straight, and I rarely limp. She is extremely knowledgeable and fun to be with.

If you're looking for a massage or need relief from a problem areas. Holly is definitely your answer, she's wonderful,

Holly's hands really do heal! .”

Diane Whiteflow - 8-26-2014. Ravenna, Ohio